John Fastolf

Keeper of Peace


John Fastolf is 6’0 even, wears medium red-green armor, and carries a longsword at all times. He has long blonde hair usually hidden by a large, wide-brimmed hat. His build is stocky, while also lean enough for guile and dexterous movement.


John Fastolf is from the Fastolf lineage. His father was a lord who owned a large amount of property, allowing Fastolf to share the renown. John Fastolf wished to become a knight, like his older brother, John Fastolf the Older, and was set upon doing so with a trial from his uncle, Sebastian.

The trial turned sour, forcing Fastolf and his uncle to endure thousands of years of being turned to stone. Upon release, Sebastian was killed by the minotaur who turned them to stone. Fastolf killed the minotaur by driving a sword through its heart, laying it to rest. He buried his uncle, and set out to learn everything he could about this new world. Fastolf achieved his goal of becoming a knight through the local city of Deu Rivulet, and now has his eyes on a bigger goal: Rebuild the Fastolf name, and acquire territory throughout the major countries of Dadroth.

John Fastolf

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